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Slight snag

I may not be leaving Sunday on my glorious cross-country road trip afterall. I finally gave up trying to get my Silverwing running on my own and took it to the Honda shop. They’re working on getting it ready to … Continue reading

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Degree Confluence Project

The Strangest Site of the Day award goes to I can’t tell if this is bizarre, cool, or both. Check it out.

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Euro Pictures

I finally put some pics up from my trip. These are a sampling from the cities Aarhus, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bolzano, and Brussels. I was going to put a lot more up but I only got through the A’s and B’s. … Continue reading

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It runs!

I tried to fire up my Honda Silverwing GL500 today and to my wonder and amazement – it works!! Now all I have to do is figure out how to change the oil and get it in tip-top shape to … Continue reading

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Back in the USA

It looks like my trip has taken a detour. For lots of reasons (including many that at least seemed to make sense a month ago but don’t so much now) I find myself back in Texas. I wanted to get … Continue reading

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Is that the best you can do?

I got a grand total of two responses to the question I asked here. Two. Thanks to Jen and Matt. Are they the only ones looking at my site or are the rest of you out there, too? I’ll try … Continue reading

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Back in France

I crossed the border a few days ago to meet up with two great CS’ers in Strasbourg, France. Claire and Stephane work for the local theater here that wrapped up two weeks worth of performances Saturday night, the last one … Continue reading

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Hello from Heidelberg! I

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Hospitality sites

Most of you know I

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4th of July

Happy 5th of July everyone! I wasn’t able to use a computer yesterday so “happy 5th” will have to do. I spent yesterday with some great people in Bolzano through CouchSurfing that I had met up with almost three months … Continue reading

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