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Oktoberfest… and then some

Well, I survived! Jen and I had a super time in the HB tent at Oktoberfest in Munich. Don’t worry Mom and Dad – we didn’t drink too much. Mostly we had just loads of fun. At one time our … Continue reading

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Website issues?

Is anyone else having problems accessing this site? I’ve tried pulling it up at an internet caf

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I finally made it to Munich! Jen and I arrived Friday night at Glenn and Silvia’s home at around 8:00pm. The thing is, though – we left Paris Thursday night at midnight. So it took just about 20 hours to … Continue reading

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Hello Paris!

After more than 16 hours in airports, planes, buses, trains and just plain walking it I have finally made it to Paris. It’s been a long, restless day. Each time I tried to doze on the plane we’d hit a … Continue reading

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Get the Savage book!

There’s a great book coming out this month by my hero. Steve Savage has finally written a book about his many, many travels. I have mine ordered and I can’t wait to get it. Get yours!

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Packing Hell

Packing sucks. My ride to Dallas leaves in 8.5 hours and I’m not even close to having my bag packed. I’ve just finished unpacking my bag from the last trip. Now I’m trying to sort through what needs to return … Continue reading

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New York Times article

Oops, I forgot! Last Sunday I was mentioned in the New York Times. Is there a back copy available somewhere? I’d like to have one. Since you have to subscribe to the NY Times website in order to view the … Continue reading

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What to pack?

I’ve been using my lack of traveling lately as an excuse not to update my website. I didn’t think anyone would want to read about me camping out at Dad’s house and working every day, saving for the next big … Continue reading

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Finally, pictures of my Europe trip

Ok, I finally finished organizing all of my pictures. I have almost 1,400 of them organized by city with captions on most of them. You can see them here. Enjoy!

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Buryakovsky/Pomroy wedding

4 days, 1000 miles, lots of partying with family old and new. That’s the short story of my weekend. I met up in Houston with most of my extended family to see Matt and Maya tie the knot at the … Continue reading

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