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“Texas, Our Texas”

Thanks to the writing on the box box my Dairy Queen chicken basket came in I learned a lot of information about my state. Here goes: Texas covers a whopping 267,000 square miles measures nearly 800 mi wide, almost 800 … Continue reading

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Now I can surf my OWN couch!

I got a couch! Last week when I asked for someone to donate a spare couch I not only got exactly the couch I wanted but another one, too! Thanks to Red and Silent Rob in New Jersey for not … Continue reading

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Across Texas On A Thumb, Part 1

Yes, everyone, I’m alive. Never have I received so many emails from people wondering if crazy Texas drivers have me carved up in their car trunks. For those of you who don’t know I hitchhiked across Texas a couple of … Continue reading

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Get this book!

Steve Savage, world famous Aussie adventurer, has put out his latest book “Of Walls And Men“. The latest addition to The Savage Files library picks up where his first book “Everywhere but Missouri, Mate!” left off, as his 15,000 mile … Continue reading

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I need a couch!

I have a idea for my upcoming trip and I need an inflatable couch, preferably like the one pictured above. Does anyone want to donate one? I promise I’ll make it famous and give you credit for it.

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Howdy from Texas

Well, I’m back in Texas. Who would have thought? Actually, given my history, it should have been fairly obvious. Gone for a little over 4 months, time to refuel. I would have loved to stay in Hawai’i for so much … Continue reading

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Aloha (goodbye) from Honolulu

It’s time to leave. I just got here and already I need to make it back to Texas. Yep, I’m broke. I love it here in Hawai’i. It’s…amazing. It really is. I’ll definitely be back here, probably sooner than I … Continue reading

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Aloha from Hawaii! I finally made it here after three flights on three different days. Wanna hear about it? Here it goes anyway:) Day one: after plowing a field for a guy who i caught a hitching ride from (story … Continue reading

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12 hours in the North Island

I finally made it to the North Island of New Zealand last night. I’ve been in the South for 2 1/2 months with every intention of touring through the North as well but I’ve only just made it here. And … Continue reading

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