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Storming the Capital – Red Couch Style

That wacky couch has done it again. Today my host Kerry took me and The Couch all over Tallahassee, the capital of Florida (for those of you less geographically inclined), in search of some great photo ops. Once Kerry and … Continue reading

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Motorcycle advice needed

My poor motorcycle. It seems like every day it has a new woe. A few days ago on the way to St Petersburg, FL the speedometer/mileage counter guage went out. It just decided not to work anymore. It gets power … Continue reading

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Blast Off!

Discovery is away! I really lucked out making it back to central Florida by accident when the shuttle was taking off. Unfortunatly I was too late getting through the traffic to a good spot so I didn’t have time to … Continue reading

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Discovery shuttle launch, take 2

I’m heading back to Cape Canaveral this morning in hopes that they’ll not delay again and actually launch the shuttle Discovery today. It just so happens that I’m back in the area at just the right time. Cross your fingers!

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Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida Pictures!

Can you believe it? I finally made an album of about 100 assorted pictures. Enjoy!

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How Well Traveled Are You?

Think you’re well traveled? Find out just how you match up here. Here’s my results: Your Travel Profile: You Are Extremely Well Traveled in the Southern United States (92%) You Are Extremely Well Traveled in New Zealand (83%) You Are … Continue reading

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Mixed bag of goodies (pics)

I haven’t written anything in awhile and I’m starting to feel guilty about it, especially after asking you all to click on the links for my sponsors. I always feel like I need to write a huge wrap-up of everything … Continue reading

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Wanna help?

If you’d like to help with my trip it’s now reeeeeeal easy. See the Google Ads links on this page? On the main page you’ll find them in the left column, above the “hospitality links”. Each time to visit my … Continue reading

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Flat tire

Here’s the deal: right now my current Miami host, a Cuban refugee with political asylum status in the US is on the phone with a junkyard looking for a tire for the car we just abandoned on the road. We … Continue reading

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Making the news: Orlando style

Before I slipped out of Orlando I ended up talking to Bob Whitby with the Orlando Weekly, the local alternative news mag. They were interested in hearing more about this motorcycle adventure I’m on and how it could possibly involved … Continue reading

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