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Where I’m Sleeping – USA

Wanna know what kind of digs I end up sleeping on? Here are 36 of the “couches” i’ve woken up on over the last 3.5 months.

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Missouri loves company

I’m awake, showered, and dressed before 6am for the first time in months and i’m not happy about it. Dressed in my cleanest clothes (which really isn’t saying all that much since the last time i saw a washing machine … Continue reading

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Still alive – recap

Hey everyone – yep, i’m still alive. I’ve been a little off the radar lately and haven’t felt like writing, ect. Since I wrote last I rode over 1,000 miles from Montreal to Toronto, then Ohio for Cleveland and the … Continue reading

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Oh, Canada!

Bonjour from Canada! Although an extremely cold rain tried to keep me in Vermont yesterday I somehow managed to make it to Montreal just before dark last night. Making it to Canada feels like a monumental goal. Maine was also … Continue reading

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Hello Boston!

Yesterday moring I was all set to get on the road before 11am. at least that was the plan. Red and Silent Rob had been great for having me as a guest in their home for two weeks that, and … Continue reading

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Current Stats

Totals since June 10: Miles traveled by motorcycle: 6,665 Gallons of fuel: 159.021 Average price per gallon: $2.25 (i expect this average to sharply rise) Total price paid for gas thus far: $360.98 Average fuel economy: 42.09 miles per gallon … Continue reading

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