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I’m having waaaaay too much fun with this! Thanks for your comments. Keep them coming!

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Brainstorming ideas

I’m playing around with ideas on what to do with my pictures. My friend Catherine in NYC editted a pic she took of my couch where only the couch is in color. I’ve since been playing with a few other … Continue reading

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Holiday goodness

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything non-couch related. Here’s something my friend Red in NJ sent me this morning. I love it! My dad is already brainstorming ways of making his yard the local multimedia extravaganza attraction. Warning: … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving! – part 2

Thanksgiving lasted a full four days this year. Here’s a pic of the grand finale at the fam’s place in Paint Rock, TX. Of course The Couch came, too. The cast of players are: back row, left to right:Lisa and … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s the lineup of who’s who (as requested by The Savage): back row, left to right: uncle Freddie, aunt Debbie, the most handsome grandfather I guy would have (“Papa” or George), my lovely grandmother “Big Mama” or Katy), aunt Jincy. … Continue reading

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Texas in November

Almost a full year after Ente, my first experience hosting someone from CouchSurfing, stopped by I finally got the chance to welcome another stranger into my home in Texas. Heather from the Bay Area of California stopped by to say … Continue reading

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Couch Calendar?

I’m considering making a 2006 calendar of 12 of my favorite Red Couch photos. Would anyone be interested in having one? More importantly, would anyone pay $20 or so to have one hanging on your wall? I’m trying to decide … Continue reading

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Home Sweet…?

I’m a terrible blogger. I’d love to keep this website up to date with all of my happenings but I obviously suck at it. I keep saying i’ll do better but, well, I keep failing anyway. I’ve gotten better with … Continue reading

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