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All over the globe

I checked in on my rinky-dink web stats page this morning and found that the last 13 visitors came in from 9 different countries – none of which were the US (ok, #14 was, which probably means it was my … Continue reading

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“Red Couch Angel”

I received an interesting email from someone who found my site. It turns out I’m not the first one to have the idea of photographing an inflatable red couch all around the country. Here’s the email I received: Hi, there! … Continue reading

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63 million seconds ago…

730 days. 17,520 hours. Over a million minutes. 63 million seconds. However which way I look at it 2 years either seems like a long time or a really long time. 2 years ago today I got boarded a plane … Continue reading

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2 years ago today…

…I took this picture. Is this what started it all?

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I’m lazy because…

…I’m exhausted because this is what I did all day. I turned this, into this, and made this mess. Work sucks.

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A day of new beginnings

Guess who just rolled into town? Springtime! Today is one of my most favorite days of the year for today is the day of the vernal equinox. Actually, the VE happened officially last night at 18:26 UTC time but since … Continue reading

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“Music You’ll Love”

I can’t say enough good things about Check it out – it’s very cool. I’m listening to the Modest Mouse station right now. As long as I’m raving about music, I should also tell you (again) about It’s … Continue reading

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St. Pat’s Day last year I was working/playing/drinking heavily at a wee bar in the even wee-er town of Blackball, New Zealand. I can’t believe it’s already been a year!! Click here for the one picture I appear to have … Continue reading

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Dominant Extraverted Sensing

Today I took the Myers-Briggs Personality test. Even though it only contains four questions the test still remains a widely acclaimed instrument for determining and categorizing key psychological personality types based on the generally accepted Jungian model. Confused yet? It

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In the homeland

I’ve been tripping over my bags for almost a week now but only tonight did I start to unpack. I absolutely hate unpacking. My post-trip organizational reluctancy is, I’ll freely admit, largely due to my sometimes extreme laziness but I … Continue reading

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