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Jim the bee

First off, thank you Google for the awesome calendar functions! It makes it a LOT easier fo me to plan my days on the fly when each morning I print out the current schedule for the day/week. When someone calls … Continue reading

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Rue St. Denis, Montreal

I forget how many pics of the house i’ve posted, so I went ahead and did a quick walk-through just now, snapping away. Here ya go… CSC Montreal – the house Aug 14, 2005 – 13 Photos

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Where is that couch these days, anyway?

The couch has been lonely and somewhat neglected lately, largely due to my own failure at inventing excuses to get it out on the town. I’ll work on that. In the meantime Lucy sits in the corner next to the … Continue reading

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Party pics

The Bread Man's Party Aug 12, 2005 – 23 Photos

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An average day

Friday, August 11 9:00a – wake up, scrounge breakfast (the night before didn’t end until around 3am, as every night in this house feels like Saturday night) 9:30a – begin answering long, long (and always growing) list of CouchSurfing members’ … Continue reading

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Camping in Maine

This last weekend a few of us (a total of 14) from the CSC in Montreal went camping in Maine at Lake Aziscoos. It was great! Camping in Maine August 2005 – 28 Photos When I find a few more … Continue reading

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