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Wanna see where I live? I took some pics and finally uploaded them. Check them out. And if you’re in the area sometime between now and December come see me! We have plenty of room and we love company. Click … Continue reading

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Pre-Burn Sweatshop

Ok, I hate MySpace…but I can’t help but use them for their cool features. Most of the “features” blow but the one that lets you upload movies and have it automatically convert it to web-ready goodness is pretty freakin’ cool. … Continue reading

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“To future Jim Stone, from past Jim Stone”

Here’s an interesting, surprise birthday present…from me in the past. Apparently about two years ago I had stumbled upon a website called where you can write emails that will be delivered in the future to whoever you want on … Continue reading

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Back on the bike!

After more than a month I’m reunited with Gracie today. She’s been hanging out in Donna’s driveway in Chico for far too long. It’s time to get her back on the open road and in my own (temporary) driveway for … Continue reading

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Surfing the “Times” and rediscovering “home”

The New York Times called me last week to talk about sleeping on people’s couches. Can anyone say slow news day? Actually, they did a pretty good job covering an angle that’s rarely usually explored in their article Surfing the … Continue reading

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The point…

…when I think I fully realized that I have an amazing social life came last night. My friend Dan invited me out to a pool party at the mansion of the millionaire that created a certain major website and I … Continue reading

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Happy 10,957th to me!

Can you believe it’s been two whole months (and two countries ago) since I last wrote on here? Shame on me, I know. But I have good news! The adorable person typing this that you all surely hold dear to … Continue reading

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