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A question I have no answer to

Last weekend, at 11am on a Sunday, I was asked this: “If you’re not going to buy some coke (cocaine) why do you come dressed like disco?” While there have to be 99 good answers to that question I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Does anyone else think…

…that there must be a problem with your email provider when you haven’t received an email in the last hour? I’m so used to reading and responding to, seriously, dozens of daily emails (today has been relatively light, so far, … Continue reading

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The most informative 8 minutes you’ll have today

Don’t let the starting image fool you, it’s not really about MySpace. If you’re an educator (are you listening, bro?) show this to your class. Today. I know you’re not supposed to “rescue” your kids or whatever but at least … Continue reading

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Funny ’cause it’s true

Who here has project management experience? Well, this one is for you. It’s my new favorite commercial. Enjoy!

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What a difference a year makes. Well, maybe, maybe not. You be the judge. The pic in orange is me from 365 days earlier than the one in purple (the somewhat new-found favorite color of my subconscious, it seems). For … Continue reading

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20 miles?!

Last weekend the four of us housemates (Casey, Jelena, Weston and me) were invited to Yosemite. A CouchSurfer that works there wanted to show us around before her summer job was over. We had a blast! Katrina (the CSer) first … Continue reading

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Why I do it

I’ve been involved with for several years now. The first two years were spent mostly as a traveler on the far side of the user end of the experience, which was awesome. This last year and half I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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