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Can you do it?

I’m learning a new programming language style and found this interesting application that kept me occupied for 2 minutes and 53 seconds. It is this simple game where you try and name all 50 states in under three minutes. I … Continue reading

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Just another workday

Some of the employees of Digg in SF telecommute on Fridays and this week we invited them to do it at CouchSurfing’s “digs” in Berkeley. Thanks for stopping by! Come back any time, guys!

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‘O’ is for outrageously awesome!

As you might expect, Obama winning the presidency made the city of San Francisco very, very happy. To further investigate, our secret agent bunny squad took to the streets to get the full-tilt scope of the night’s festivities. So yay … Continue reading

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Stay informed

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Things to vote about…

I got an email forwarded to me yesterday helping me weigh the political issues in a ‘fair and balanced’ way. While it obviously came from the McCain/Palin camp I was amazed at one thing. For the last eight years Bush … Continue reading

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