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What is your phone number?

If I’ve ever had your phone number then chances are high that I don’t have it now. My phone disappeared Saturday night and I now have a “new” one thanks to my friend Casey and his hand-me-down. My number is … Continue reading

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I wish I had…

…a paintball sniper rifle with a night vision scope. It’s just after midnight and the frats surrounding our house (“rush week” has just begun) are in full-throttle. In particular, some yahoo is sitting on the street corner with a beer … Continue reading

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after returning home from Iraq, “they made him pay for parts of it because it was blood stained during combat along the Syrian border.”

From: “Vets charged for lost & damaged gear” Warning: if you are a proud American, clicking on the above link may diminish some of that pride. WTF, people??

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One reason why Obama looks so awesome

From here: As the United States gazes out on the wreckage of the past eight years – a $1.2 trillion (and growing) budget deficit, 7.2 percent (and rising) unemployment, two open-ended wars, a sullied U.S. image abroad, environmental degradation and … Continue reading

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My new year’s resolution…

…is to eat this before this time next year. Happy new year, everyone!

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