Mexican Flu


I saw this today on some random European website and “wow! how racist! But then I searched for “Mexican Flu” and found that it had been somehow “renamed” by a radical group wanting to “save California” from the infected Mexicans. Appropriately, their website is called ““. redirects immediately to, where the claim to be “your pro-family organization dedicated to defending and representing the values of parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens who believe in family, faith, and freedom.”
This is the kind of sentiment that a lot of countries make fun of the USA for, and with good reason. They somehow see some politicians, etc, supposedly standing up for ideas like this along with the agendas of big corporations and those with high-powered special interests at the same time when a significant number of American people often miss it or don’t hear about it because of the agendas of the big corporations and those with high-powered special interests behind the news agencies that don’t tell them about it.
Right or wrong is definitely not my point. I just think it’s interesting that the non-American term for H1N1 flu is sometimes Mexican Flu. I wonder what other special interest groups were making that change happen?

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