What happened to fliptophead.com ???

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently moved to a new server and have decided not to again install Movable Type, the blog software that ran fliptophead?com for so many years.  MT was super frustrating to use (especially when upgrading to the newest version/s) and WordPress is waaaay better anyway (and waaay easy to install and forget about).  Plus, I haven’t really written anything on FTH in months so I haven’t been in a huge rush to do anything at all.

I’ve put the older posts back up but haven’t fixed my image problems with it yet.  Hopefully I’ll make that happen and this line will be deleted from this post.

If you’re looking for my latest work please check out www.jiifii.com.  It’s my daily photoblog where I choose one photo that I take each day to share with the world.  I hope you like it.



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