What happened to fliptophead.com ???

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently moved to a new server and have decided not to again install Movable Type, the blog software that ran fliptophead?com for so many years.  MT was super frustrating to use (especially when upgrading to the newest version/s) and WordPress is waaaay better anyway (and waaay easy to install and forget about).  Plus, I haven’t really written anything on FTH in months so I haven’t been in a huge rush to do anything at all.

I’ve put the older posts back up but haven’t fixed my image problems with it yet.  Hopefully I’ll make that happen and this line will be deleted from this post.

If you’re looking for my latest work please check out www.jiifii.com.  It’s my daily photoblog where I choose one photo that I take each day to share with the world.  I hope you like it.



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I love my friends!

DSC_1255 - sm-1.jpg

I love my friends! It’s great that so many of us so regularly get together.

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jiifii-logo.pngWant more than almost dead silence you get here? Check out my new photo blog: www.jiifii.com. My goal is to shoot new photos every single day and then post the best one of them on that site. I also write a little bit about how I shot it and maybe some other gibberish as the days go on. Today is day 3. Check it out if you if you’re interested.

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Thanksgiving Dinner

I just had Thanksgiving dinner with 30 people three days early. I love my home!

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Mexican Flu


I saw this today on some random European website and “wow! how racist! But then I searched for “Mexican Flu” and found that it had been somehow “renamed” by a radical group wanting to “save California” from the infected Mexicans. Appropriately, their website is called “SaveCalifornia.com“.
SaveCalifornia.com redirects immediately to SaveAmerica.com, where the claim to be “your pro-family organization dedicated to defending and representing the values of parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens who believe in family, faith, and freedom.”
This is the kind of sentiment that a lot of countries make fun of the USA for, and with good reason. They somehow see some politicians, etc, supposedly standing up for ideas like this along with the agendas of big corporations and those with high-powered special interests at the same time when a significant number of American people often miss it or don’t hear about it because of the agendas of the big corporations and those with high-powered special interests behind the news agencies that don’t tell them about it.
Right or wrong is definitely not my point. I just think it’s interesting that the non-American term for H1N1 flu is sometimes Mexican Flu. I wonder what other special interest groups were making that change happen?

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And the bad timing award goes to…. me!


Last week I thought that I was too broke to afford a plane ticket back to see family in Texas. This week I thought “eh, who cares” and decided to spend too much money on it anyway. But since then the ticket price has almost doubled. Boo.
I’ve already bought an incredibly expensive ticket to spend Christmas in Alaska with my girlfriend (who seems significantly less enthusiastic about me deciding to go than I was planned on) so it makes it especially hard to justify spending more than $1,000 that I don’t really have on plane tickets in less than 30 days and I’m still pretty bummed about it.
Being poor sucks.

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In case you aren’t following my Flickr photostream, here are my latest pics from Panama. Click on them to see them in a larger format. Enjoy!

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These howler monkeys are in our backyard every day. They swing from tree to tree in search of food (they apparently eat leaves as seen in these pics) and, as I hear, travel through precisely the same route each time (which is how I knew where to get pics of them jumping). Enjoy!

howler monkeys in our backyard

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Which do you like better?

There are two sets below: the building and palm tree. They are each processed in a different way. Do you like 1 or 2 better? A or B better?
(Clicking on them will bring out a bigger pop-up image)

el gaucho 1 - sm.jpg
1 el gaucho 2 - sm.jpg

samara beach palm 1 - sm.jpg
A samara beach palm 2 - sm.jpg

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My most recent pictures of Costa Rica

I’ve recently learned how to both photograph and process something called High dynamic range (or HDR) images and am LOVING it! It’s so much fun to turn what would normally be a pretty cool photo into something truly fantastic. I am really amazed at how much of a difference exists between my Nikon D50 DSLR and the Canon point n’ shoots that I’ve been lugging around all these years. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to shoot in anything other than RAW again :)
Below are the ones that I’ve processed through PhotoMatix already. It’s incredibly fun to do this so I’m sure more are coming soon. For now, I hope you enjoy the shots below.

Costa Rica HDRs

More coming soon, I promise. This is so much fun!!
Greets from Costa Rica!

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