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In case you aren’t following my Flickr photostream, here are my latest pics from Panama. Click on them to see them in a larger format. Enjoy!

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These howler monkeys are in our backyard every day. They swing from tree to tree in search of food (they apparently eat leaves as seen in these pics) and, as I hear, travel through precisely the same route each time … Continue reading

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Which do you like better?

There are two sets below: the building and palm tree. They are each processed in a different way. Do you like 1 or 2 better? A or B better? (Clicking on them will bring out a bigger pop-up image) 1 … Continue reading

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My most recent pictures of Costa Rica

I’ve recently learned how to both photograph and process something called High dynamic range (or HDR) images and am LOVING it! It’s so much fun to turn what would normally be a pretty cool photo into something truly fantastic. I … Continue reading

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Samara, Costa Rica – first night

After a long day of constantly moving I’m finally at my new home for the next 5-6 weeks in Samara, Costa Rica. Here’s my first picture from the balcony of the house (30-second exposure) right after the sun set. I’ll … Continue reading

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Darden Family Reunion

I spent this last week with my family in Ruidoso, NM, at a family reunion. Below are the pictures from it. Family: if you would like to order any you should be able to but let me know if you … Continue reading

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my new camera

For years I’ve been shooting thousands of pictures around the world with various “point-n-click” Canon cameras but I’ve always wanted a decent digital SLR to do what those little pocket cams couldn’t. Yesterday I finally found a good deal on … Continue reading

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‘O’ is for outrageously awesome!

As you might expect, Obama winning the presidency made the city of San Francisco very, very happy. To further investigate, our secret agent bunny squad took to the streets to get the full-tilt scope of the night’s festivities. So yay … Continue reading

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Who needs a tripod?

My friend Susy commented about how many pictures I seem to have of “me and a pretty girl” where I’m the one taking the picture of the both of us, so I went through and found all of the ones … Continue reading

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More adventures in AK!

more adventures in alaska

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